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 Thank you for supporting the 2009 SCCA National Championship Runoffs. Please follow the steps below to choose the image you wish to use for your complimentary commemorative event photo:

1.Click on your run group.

2.Find your favorite image.

3.Note the image #

4.Email " PhotobyEdmund@yahoo.com " or stop by Drivers Information ( Gas Station / Paddock Press Room ) and let us know which image you'd like. Hours open are 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Wed -Sunday.

5.Pick up your 5x7 print at Drivers Information.

   Test day 09.20.2009

   Test day 09.21.2009


     GT1, GT2, GT3, T1


     FA , FC, FM

     CSR , DSR, S2, FE

     EP, FP, HP, GTL

      FV, F5


      AS, T2, T3, SM, SSB, SSC



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